What is the difference between a “District Image” and a “District Licenses”? Why do I need to buy software licenses?

District images containing ActivInspire should not to be confused with districtwide classroom license agreements for ActivInspire Professional software. District images are supported by Promethean for district convenience and technical support, however a district image does not change the ActivInspire licensing requirements for non-Promethean hardware.  The total number of licenses using a district image remains one to one restricted to the total number of Promethean ActivBoards, ActivPanels or Promethean Learner Response Systems actually in use at that time, PLUS any additional single user licenses purchased specifically for classrooms with Non-Promethean hardware.

Licenses for Promethean hardware are not transferable to Non-Promethean hardware.

(License Agreement Memo: ActivInspire Licensing – Non-Promethean Products)

My district has thousands of lessons and assessments in ActivInspire flipcharts. How do I use the lessons with our Epson projectors, Mimio’s, Sharp Aquos, Infocus, Samsung TV or SMART boards?

Using ActivInspire Professional in a classroom with a Non-Promethean interactive board, projector, touch display or TV requires the purchase of a Single User License of ActivInspire Professional for each classroom or teacher.  Each Single User License will come with a software Activation Code for one classroom.

How do I purchase valid ActivInspire licenses for my teachers with Non-Promethean classroom systems?

Promethean does not have software licensing agreements with other manufacturers such as SMART, Mimio, Sharp or others.  Districts and schools must purchase the necessary single teacher software licenses to use ActivInspire Professional on 3rd party products from authorized Promethean partners.
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How do I use ActivInspire with Epson, Mimio, Sharp, SMART ...

How do I authenticate my ActivInspire software license?

ActivInspire Professional uses an activation code. If you do not know your activation code, you can use your Promethean product serial number to request an activation code for your Promethean ActivInspire Professional Edition.

Is there a charge for ActivInspire updates and tech support like other software?

There are no charges for ActivInspire software updates for classrooms with Promethean ActivBoard or ActivPanel. Technical support is included in the software license. Non-promethean hardware requires the purchase of a single user license for each teacher.

Why can’t I use an ActivInspire license that came with a set of Promethean Activotes and ActivExpressions learner response systems?

Promethean’s Learner Response Systems (ActiVotes or ActivExpressions) include a single user license for ActivInspire Professional Software which may be used on a 3rd party display device ONLY IF the classroom is actually using the LRS devices at the same time. Other use requires the purchase of one Single User License per classroom.   By way of example, if the LRS devices with which the ActivInspire Professional Software came are sitting off to the side of the classroom not being used by the students in the class, the teacher should not be using the ActivInspire Professional software on the 3rd party display device in his or her classroom. (View Details EULA).