First, take a look at your ActivPanel. On the bottom of the frame locate the button with the Promethean flame on it. If the flame button is slightly off to the side, then you are teaching with the NICKEL model. However, if that Promethean flame button is in the center at the bottom of the frame, then you are teaching with the Titanium Model.

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Watch the videos below to familiarize yourself with the main hardware features of ActivPanel TITANIUM and NICKEL

ProductDownload and instructions
ActivInspireDownload ActivInspire
Install ActivInspire and Resource Pack
ActivDriverWindows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit
Mac OS
ActivPanel NickelFirmware Update
ActivPanel TitaniumFirmware update
ActivPanel 6, i-Series and previous versionsFirmware update
ActivConnect G and OPS-G ‘OTA’ updateInstall ActivConnect G and OPS-G software ‘over the air’
ActivConnect OPS-G and ActivPanel Elements SeriesDownload and install ActivConnect OPS-G software update for use with ActivPanel Elements Series
ActivConnect OPS-G and ActivPanel 6 (and previous versions)Download and install ActivConnect OPS-G software
ActivConnect GDownload and install ActivConnect G software
ActivConnect OPS-MDownload and install ActivConnect OPS-M drivers
ActivCast SenderAndroid
Chrome OS
Chrome OS
mac OS
Classflow DesktopDownload
Radix Viso Device ManagementDownload

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