Why use SAM Labs?


  • A fun and interactive way to bring coding to life
  • Curriculum-aligned lesson plans and projects
  • An intuitive visual, flow-based coding app tailored for any classroom or ability level
  • SAM Blockly enables progression to block-based programming
  • Easy-to-install, wireless Bluetooth SAM Blocks that are made to last
  • Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and Chromebook compatible
  • Teacher support and training
  • Versatile technology that can be used across a variety of subjects


SAM Labs provides everything you need to deliver the most engaging STEAM learning experience to your classroom. It seamlessly connects software and hardware with lesson plans that cover a wide variety of subjects, making learning about coding accessible, experimental, interactive and fun.

SAM Labs kits are bursting with wireless electronic blocks that each have a personality of their own. From lights to motors to sliders to buzzers, every Bluetooth-enabled block can connect to the others via the app to do something different. Press a button to turn a light on!  Use a light sensor to activate an alarm! With the app, students can code the behaviours of blocks in any way they can imagine, enabling them to make anything from simple reactions to complex creations in minutes.

SAM Labs Lesson Plans

SAM Labs Lesson Plans seamlessly connect software and hardware to support STEAM learning in the classroom. Spanning across many subjects, SAM Labs makes coding accessible, experimental, interactive and fun.

By focusing on hands-on creativity and problem-solving, SAM Labs lesson plans create a totally immersive experience to engage students with the coding skills that are critical for their futures.