pi-Top Universe - Embark on an epic journey

CEEDuniverse STEM: Learn. Build. Explore. Engage.

Custom designed for teaching and Learning, pi-top features CEEDuniverse, an embedded curriculum in a game environment that teaches students how to code, build circuits, and create hardware that interacts with the game curriculum.

CEEDuniverse uses the hands on engagement of “mine-craft like” video games to effectively

present standards based content. Real computing problems are integrated into puzzles in the game. In one lesson the student must program their mining bot in order to activate their Mining Machine to mine for resources in CEEDuniverse. Game “levels” constantly assess student understanding and achievement providing real time data in a comfortable way that students understand.

pi-top learning resources are actually built into the pi-top software to teach computing and electronic design in a comprehensive way that is suitable for all abilities Grades 1-12.

Students can proceed at their own learning speed through the lessons in the CEEDuniverse learning environment moving from basic tasks that introduce the learner to computational thinking to more advanced tasks requiring coding in Python, using databases and much more!

  • Makes STEAM Education Affordable and Fun
  • Teacher Friendly
  • ALL-in-One Curriculum and Hardware
  • No Loose Parts to Order and Piece Together
  • Lifetime Support