pi-top laptop

pi-top Laptop

pi-top is a modular laptop you build yourself. It’s the perfect tool to help you start learning how to code, create awesome devices, and take your knowledge to the next level.

Modular Design

pi-top is the first DIY laptop on the market. Building the laptop will teach you the basic architecture of the computer. It’s fitted with the Modular Rail which you can plug in pi-top Add Ons to make it truly unique. You can even replace its micro processor when a new one comes out!


Integrated Lesson Plans

Every pi-top has access to our cloud based worksheet repository created by educators from all over the world. These worksheets act as step by step guide that take learners from novices all the way to making complex programs and hardware.


What does pi-top teach?

All pi-tops come with CEEDuniverse preloaded, a interactive game that teaches you how to code, build circuits, and make hardware that interacts with the game in real time.