Complete computing eco-system for the classroom. Build it, Code it, Play it, Expand it. Computer science for the everyday teacher.

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pi-topCEED is the easiest way to use your Raspberry Pi. We’ve put what you love about our flagship laptop in a slimmer form factor and a much smaller price tag.
pi-Top CEED Screenshot

With pi-top Universe

EMBARK ON AN EPIC JOURNEY! Explore alien worlds, discover hidden secrets, and advance your knowledge in science and technology in CEEDuniverse!
pi-Top Universe - Embark on an epic journey

Teachers and Administrators on pi-Top

pi-top Laptop

pi-top is a modular laptop you build yourself. It’s the perfect tool to help you start learning how to code, create awesome devices, and take your knowledge to the next level.
pi-top laptop

pi-top Add Ons


pi-topPULSE brings the arts into STEAM. You’ll be able to code your own games, create music and lightshows. Answer any questions you might have using pi-topPULSE with Amazon Alexa.
Pulse light show - pi-Top add-on

The pi-topPROTO adds any functionality you build into your device. pi-top SPEAKER is a speaker module which you can add onto your Modular Rail.
pi-Top speaker