AXI and Labdisc Gensci

It’s Time for Something New!

Computer based Laboratory with 13 built in sensors for general science Voltage, Current, Light, Air pressure, Temperature, Ambient Temperature, pH, Distance, Relative Humidity, Microphone, Sound level, GPS, Universal input.

General Science, Physics, Environmental Science, and Biochemistry


    • Robust Portable Science Labs
    • Wireless and Compact Data Logger for the science classroom
    • Clear the Clutter with a Single Device
    • Up to 15 Built-in Sensors

Data loggers make scientific experiments simple and in real-time. Together, analysis software, data loggers, and sensors provide multimedia project-based learning for 21st century, K-12 science. Just like real scientists – activate the process of hypothesis, data measurement, and collection, followed by data analysis and reporting.
Automating repetitive manual data collection increases the rate of experiment success and allows students to focus on the pedagogically valuable elements of the process: data analysis, result prediction and scientiffcallv evaluated conclusions.When science experiments are performed as a means to solve every day challenges.students can grasp the importance of the discipline as a whole.