A few weeks ago, Amy Little, our Teaching and Learning Consultant for most of North Louisiana, was developing a CLASSFLOW lesson for 3rd graders who were going to be learning about Louisiana history for the first time. The purpose of the lesson was to show how CLASSFLOW can engage the students throughout the duration of the lesson, regardless of the wifi-enabled device the students were using.

The most cumbersome part of the lesson building process was gathering content, so Amy made the efficient choice to share her CLASSFLOW lesson with the Professional Development Team and ask us to pitch in some ideas and activities. It was awesome because I was able to work on one part of the lesson while Amy was working on another. I could also see Amy’s initials at the top of the screen when she was logged on and working on the lesson live.

So go forth! Work as teams! Save valuable time by creating and curating Classflow lessons together.

Check out the Teacher Hack Sheet I created for this topic.

As always, check here and the CLASSFLOW Youtube channel for CLASSFLOW Updates.