Redcat Classroom Audio System

All-in-one instructional audio system with a flat-panel speaker and wireless teacher microphone to deliver higher intelligible speech everywhere in the room.

Clear Audio With Redcat Lightspeed

No Installation Required

Redcat’s all-in-one design makes it the simplest way to bring clear audio to any classroom. It is ready to go right out of the box and it delivers even distribution of sound and high speech intelligibility throughout the classroom. Lightspeed Redcat projects teacher’s natural voice clearly and students can hear and understand every word..

Redcat in the classroom

Ready out of the box, no installation required

Plug it in and begin speaking. No need for costly installation, Redcat maximizes your investment in instruction.

Flat-panel speaker excels in speech intelligibility

Exciter technology fills the room with the teacher’s natural voice, enabling students to hear every word.

Portable and flexible

Redcat can easily be moved around to any instructional space, with optional battery it can even be used for outdoor learning.