Activ Panel V5


Fifth Generation Ultra Smooth Touch InGlass™ Technology
ActivPanel In-Glass technology showcase

  • Tablet Experience: 10 or 20 Point Multi-touch

New standard for interactive touch and writing experiences. The InGlass touch neutralizes accidental touches from sleeves, hair, bracelets and passing students.

  • Precise Multi-Touch Interaction

Fine Tip Pen Detail for a Natural Writing Experience. Highly accurate sensors detect object size enabling you to use an extremely fine pen tip for detailed writing and drawing.

  • A Natural Writing Experience

Enjoy a naturally smooth writing experience with high-speed tracking, including no script-lag or response delays.

  • Preserve Your Lessons

Promethean Curriculum Software Suite
ActivInspire Perpetual License. No annual fees. Free ClassFlow Desktop Upgrade. Free ClassFlow for Teachers. Choose from thousands of free teacher created lessons and resources as well as content from top publisher’s easily found on ClassFlow Marketplace.

  • Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Tools

ClassFlow Desktop software combined with InGlass Technology makes interacting easy. Use the instant whiteboard for free-form writing, including converting writing and equations to text, and enabling palm erase.

  • No Lamps

Five Year On-Site Warranty Package
50,000 Hour Commercial Grade Displays, not TV’s. No projector. No lamps to dim.

ClassFlow Desktop features

  • ClassFlow Desktop is our free, next-generation interactive lesson delivery software, designed exclusively for Promethean displays.
  • Work offline or online using the easy-to-use interface
  • Create, open, and present interactive lessons – supports popular file formats
  • Write and draw using the instant whiteboard, annotate over content, and save and share work
  • Send quizzes, polls, activities, and screenshots to student device
  • Classroom Sizes for Teaching and Collaboration (70, 75 and 86″)

What Size Touch Display Is Right for a Standard Classroom? Common mistakes?

Mistake #1
Buying Too Small for all students to see all of the learning content, not just videos.

Mistake #2
Confusing A Teaching and Collaboration Workspace with a TV.

Visibility compliance guidance for all thirty students requires a minimum of a 70” interactive touch panel to meet visibility requirements for all students. Using the same lesson, the font size on a 65″ is is nearly 15% smaller than on a 70″. Making the font larger means less content per page, forcing teachers to rework and redesign hundreds of lessons, assessments and activities.

In any classroom size, the 65″ surface is too small for teacher writing (especially math), multi-student collaboration or to even use their existing lessons even with a smaller class size (less than 20 students). Students beyond the first 2-3 rows and on the end of the row next to the wall are unable to see clearly, forcing their brains to “guess” to fill in the images.

Move them all to the front? There is no way to predict for a given class the number of children with less than perfect vision or the number of children that may forget their glasses on a given day. More importantly schools and classrooms can be expected to change in grade and student numbers multiple times over the expected life cycle of these classroom systems.

Teachers and students find a 65” interactive display surface size to be too small which creates a hindrance to effective teaching. It’s not a TV, but an interactive front of the classroom portal.

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Free Upgrade to ActivInspire.

FREE Perpetual Classroom License ($799 value) for ActivInspire Professional, the most popular curriculum and assessment software in the world.

No Annual Fees for Promethean Hardware.

All other non-Promethean interactive hardware require the purchase of a classroom license to use ActivInspire lessons and assessments in the classroom.

Go Tablet Mode! Promethean’s Exclusive ActivConnect G

The Powerfully Intelligent, Connected Hub of the Classroom

The all-new Promethean ActivPanel is a tablet-like surface for the front of the classroom. Powered by Promethean’s ActivConnect Android processor, it enhances the teacing and learning experience providing instant access to educational apps, wireless connectivity, mobile device mirroring and more.

ActivConnect G frees up the teacher PC.

  • Tablet Experience: Load Apps, Browse, Annotate, Zoom, Pinch, Stretch, Tap, Draw and more.
  • Wireless: Share with any mobile device. Mirror student work from Chromebook, smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Explore 500,000 Free and Low Cost Apps:   In class resources that students can use on their own smart phones.
  • Bluetooth to STEM:  Connect robots, lab discs and other curriculum devices.
  • Future Proof: External design for easy upgrades technology changes vs. built in fixed Android PC.
  • Remote Management Ready. Quad Core Processor / Google Android OS.

The ActivConnect G-Series combined with the Promethean ActivPanel allows you to access instructional apps instantly. Pull up an instant whiteboard to write or draw, use the web browser to search for information or deliver a ClassFlow lesson. Expand your learning resources by downloading other apps, games and content from any Android App Store to use on the ActivPanel.