Promethean Inspires Teachers to Teach Their Way

Promethean’s awarding winning Education Software Suite has been expanded to add the modern features and free Upgrade of ClassFlow Desktop and the flexible Android ActivConnect G to the ever popular Activlnspire Professional, ClassFlow for Teachers and ClassFlow for Schools. These upgrades not only continue the best pedagogical practices enabled in past versions of Promethean software but also address many of the expanded opportunities for student engagement that exist by leveraging many newer, emerging technologies both today and into the future. Promethean’s newest additions take advantage of the mobile, internet-connected devices such as smart phones, tablets and chromebooks that are embedded in today ‘s classrooms, backpacks and homes. Unleashing the power of connected learning while preserving teacher’s investments in not only flipchart lessons, digital content, activities and assessments but also leveraging more than a decade of classroom experience and Professional Development.


  • Class Flow Desktop is brilliantly teacher friendly.
  • Simple to use by everyday teachers with very little professional development.
  • Activlnspire Professional, ClassFlow Desktop, and ClassFlow are designed to be used stand alone or together on the same PC.
  • Use existing flipcharts and assessments in ActivInspire or convert your favorite flipcharts take advantage of the free ClassFlow Desktop update at your own pace.
  • Explore and choose from over 500,000 free and low-cost Android applications to customize teaching or learning styles.
  • Create and Deliver ALL of Your Interactive Lessons Offline or online.
  • You choose what’s best for the moment.

Easily use and access your existing Flipcharts, PowerPoints®, Smart Notebooks®, and PDF files while enjoying over 80,000 free resources available in the software. You can even sell content and assessments that you create or buy lessons from other teachers or publishers in the ClassFlow Marketplace.