Teachers hate boring PD!

It’s true. 10 years of hands-on professional development with more than 18,000 teachers, the AXI Professional Development team has learned one thing: Teachers learn more during engaging PD just as students learn more during engaging lessons.

Whether leading a small cohort of new Promethean teachers or instructing an entire staff on the best practices of integrating G Suite for Education, the AXI PD team always embeds engagement with interactivity, humor, and an overall casual atmosphere.

But the reality of the time constraints and demands of the classroom teacher only allow us to share our strategies in spurts throughout the school year.

That’s why we have decided to offer an ongoing virtual component to our PD delivery methods. But in true, engaging AXI fashion, our online professional development is designed to be a learning experience that teachers value just as much as our in-person trainings.

Marcus Stein, M. Ed.
Director of Professional Development

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AXIPD Online consists of Learning Paths – blocks of content presented through a series of individual courses. Each course is made up of videos, quizzes, additional reference materials, reviews, with optional live sessions and webinars.

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Available Fall 2018

  • Effective Instruction: STEM for the Everyday Classroom