MAXI Auditorium And Gym Displays

The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall dazzles the eye – but what you see is only part of the picture. In every aspect of its design, this astonishing display not only advances audience engagement, it sets a new standard for intuitive operation, flexible deployment, and easy service and maintenance.
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Modular Design

Configure the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall to meet your exact needs. Units are available in 110 inch (9-120m2), 138 inch (120-150m2 ), 165 inch (150-180m2),and 220 inch (180-200m2) sizes that connect – and invisibly – to create a single tile-less display that precisely fits your conference room or auditorium.

See The Big Picture

Multiple presentation modes enable you to tailor your communication to the needs of the moment. The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall offers dual screen, full screen, and central viewing options.

Flexible Display Modes

The Ultra-wide MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall effortlessly engages audiences, but never distracts presenters. Access all settings with the wireless Smart Control, and control all collaboration features – including synchronized annotation – via Bluetooth connection with your preferred device.