The gym for the schools of the 21st century

A gym is a big space. With the right equipment, traditional physical education boundaries can be pushed forward, and take learning to a new level!

Explore our different product configurations and find the one that fits your space.

Meet the new Lü

child bouncing ball against the wall in a gym

The key components

Giant wall projection

Big and bright projections generated by professional grade projectors. Protected by a custom enclosure.

3D camera

Our 3D camera system turns the giant wall projections into touchscreens that can detect multiple objects.

Light and audio system

Our light and sound system delivers ambiant lighting and powerful sound to complete the immersion.


Permanent single wall configuration
Each ÜNO configuration consists of 3 pre-assembled modules to be rigged to the ceiling: camera, light and sound and projection.


1 video projector
1 computer
1 video camera
6 static lights (180W each)
2 computerized lights
2 speakers (1000W each)
Remote control with keyboard


Permanent double wall configuration
DÜO makes for the ultimate Lü experience. It is made of two ÜNO kits facing each other and synced together to allow multiplayer gameplay on a larger playground. Combine two UNO in a DUO configuration for a full scale space made of two interactive walls.


2 video projector
2 computer
2 3D cameras
12 static lights (180W each)
4 computerized lights
4 speakers (1000W each)
2 Remote controls with keyboard
All hanging and installation equipment


Portable single wall configuration
The Lü MOBILE consists of 5 modules: main module, two lights brackets and two speakers.

This MOBILE configuration take less than 20 minutes to install, and can be transported in a small van. Perfect fit for school districts sharing units through multiple schools, or for event-based rental companies.


1 video projector
1 computer
1 3D camera
6 static lights (180W each)
2 speakers (300W each)
1 portable stand
1 cushion kit
1 remote control with keyboard