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Deepen students’ understanding of engineering design with standards-aligned science subject matter! Students and teachers explore simple circuits with the new Bits, then tackle guided inventions, like creating an earthquake alarm and food web model, that dive deeper into life and earth science topics. Ideal for up to 3 students per kit.

  • 12+ hours of instructional life and earth science content presented in 6 engaging lessons
  • 7 Bits and 22 accessories to add to the STEAM Student Set for even more invention opportunities
  • Scaffolded lesson plans for grades 3-5 align to NGSS standards with multiple lesson tracks to allow educators to select the one that best meets their students’ grade level and standards
  • Empower students to let their imagination take flight by customizing their inventions with crafts and household items (Note: craft materials not included in kit)

Note: STEAM Student Set is required for STEAM Student Set Expansion Packs

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STEAM Student Set Expansion Pack: Science
Add Science curriculum to one STEAM Student Set with Expansion Pack: Math
STEAM Student Set Expansion Pack: Science Classroom Bundle
Offer Science bits and curriculum to your whole classroom. This option includes 10 Science Expansion Packs.
Users Size Weight Model
Ages: 8+ L 12.16″ 1.6 lb per kit
Grades: 3-5 W 7.5″
H 3″
Bits Accessories
1 accelerometer 1 wire 2 Mounting Boards 12 Shoes (Hook & Clip)
1 sound trigger 1 long LED 5 Alligator Clips 1 Battery Clip
1 threshold 1 bargraph 2 Strips (Hook & Loop)
1 makey makey
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