littleBits Code Kit

Code Kit gives you a powerful toolbox to easily teach standards-aligned curriculum, while engaging kids in computational thinking. By building circuits and programming, students get a hands-on understanding of “what’s inside the machine” and how it connects to the software. Students gain creative confidence and critical 21st century skills through scaffolded activities. Request Custom Quote
  • Includes 16 Bits, 30 accessories, and a FREE Code Kit App
  • Access detailed video tutorials
  • Drag and drop Blockly code and view JavaScript to understand the structure and syntax of text-based coding
  • Learn fundamental programming concepts: inputs & outputs, loops, logic, variables, and functions through coding games
  • Each color-coded Bit has a specific function (e.g. lights, sensors, motors, inputs, and outputs) and is modular and reusable for an infinite number of inventions.
  • Each kit serves up to 3 students and is ideal for grades 3-8
kid playing an electric guitar made out of littleBits
Code Kit Explore basic computer science concepts through games with the Code Kit. Ideal for 1-3 students Students 1-3
Code Kit Classroom Bundle Introduce computer science concepts to your classroom through games with the Code Kit. Ideal for 20-30 students. This option includes 10 Code Kits and 4 tackle boxes. Students 20-30
Users Size Weight Model
Ages: 8+ L 3.0″ 2.28 lb per kit
Grades: 3-8 W 7.5″
H 12.165″
Bits Accessories
1 USB power 2 button 3 USB Cable 3 powersnap
1 dimmer 1 slide dimmer 1 rechargeable-battery 1 Mechanical Arm
1 pressure sensor 1 sound trigger 1 Servo Mount 1 Servo Hub
3 wire 1 branch 1 codebit-dongle 12 Shoes (Hook & Loop)
1 codeBit 1 bargraph 2 Strips (Hook & Loop) 1 Mounting Board (8×7)
1 servo 1 speaker 4 screws 1 USB Power Adapter
1 Led matrix

littleBits Pro Library

The Pro Library is a giant collection built for schools, libraries, and makerspaces. It supports up to 32 inventors in high school or higher ed...

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