Lightspeed Audio

Access to listening has never been more important for learning
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Engage the whole class

Teachers wear a small mic to ensure students hear, understand, and gain insights by creating excellent speech intelligibility and even distribution of sound.

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Ensure every voice is heard

Student mics or pods make it easy for children to be heard by their peers and teachers in any learning setting, whether remote, in-person or hybrid.

Amplify remote learning

Whether hybrid or remote, our easy-to-use, flexible solutions provide clear, consistent audio or video conferencing and lesson capture.

Whole Class Audio

Redcat access

redcat audio system desk speaker
Redcat is a simple-to-use, all-in-one system that fills the room effortlessly with the teacher’s natural voice.

Topcat access

topcat audio system speaker
Topcat distributes high speech intelligibility and full range multimedia sound for all students to hear. Its unobtrusive design and simple installation make it ideal for new construction, room additions and remodels.

955 access

audio amplifier
955 has all the features necessary for whole room instruction while delivering clarity and even distribution of sound of all audio, including multimedia.

Activate Group Learning

Activate Pods

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Activate Station

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Activate App

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Additional Audio Systems

Access Link

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multi mic with amplifier

Redcat Presenter

lightspeed presenter audio open box

T3 Flexmike

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