LACUE 2020 AXIEDU Sessions

Thank you for joining us for AXI's LACUE Cares Event!

All of our pre-recorded sessions, including the recordings of the live sessions from November 3rd 2020 will be made available on the following page:

This is What You Need to Know:

  • Our live sessions will take place from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm using RingCentral.
  • The meeting will be open to start accessing at 7:45 am.
  • We will use one link for all sessions (REGISTER FOR SESSIONS).
  • The RingCentral link was sent to you in the email confirmation you received when you registered and you will also receive a reminder notification prior to the start of the sessions on the morning of November 3rd. (Please note if you registered with a personal email, any email confirmations and reminders will go to that account not your school email account.)
  • If at any time you need to leave and rejoin please feel free to do so. To join back in, just use the same link.
  • If you cannot locate your confirmation or any reminders with the link simply re-register to get access. Registration will stay open throughout the course of the day on November 3rd.
  • Q&A Sessions: There will be two Q&A style sessions for open conversations at 12:00 and 3:00.
  • Each will be 30 minutes long.
  • To access the Q&A session you will use the same link that was sent to you for the live sessions.


Session Schedule

November 3, 2020

# Time Session Title Description Presenter Suggested Audience
1 8:00-9:15 Welcome and Maximizing Learning in a Virtual Environment Join us for a quick introduction from our AXI PD Team and an overview of our day together! We’ve all become used to the terms synchronous and asynchronous in the last few months, but how do you really maximize learning with a mix of both? In this session, we will guide you through best practices of teaching in both environments. Marcus Stein, M.Ed. Teachers/Admin/IT
2 9:20-9:55 Google Classroom: Teacher Versus Student As we embrace the challenges of the 2020-2021 school year, many schools have become more immersed in Google for Education and are using Google Classroom to connect with students. In this session, we will discuss navigating Google Classroom from the view of the teacher AND the student to ensure that teachers have a well rounded understanding of this educational tool. Meagan Markerson, M.Ed. Teachers/Admin/IT
3 10:00-10:40 Engagement in the Asynchronous Classroom We all know how to keep our lessons engaging and interactive for our students in our physical classrooms, but how do we keep up the level of engagement when our students are learning from home? In this session, we will explore an asynchronous Eureka Math lesson from start to finish with ideas that you can start implementing tomorrow. Don’t teach math? No problem! The resources from this session can be used across multiple content areas. Kelli Deranger, M.Ed. Teachers/Admin/IT
4 10:45-11:15 Google Tips and Tricks Now more than ever, every minute of our day counts! In this session, we will share tips and tricks to make you and your students a more productive Google for Education user. Kelli Deranger, M.Ed. and Meagan Markerson, M.Ed Teachers/Admin/IT
5 11:20-12:00 The Power of the ActivPanel An engaging classroom is important now more than ever! Join us to experience what the newest Titanium ActivPanel can bring to your classroom. Kelli Deranger, M.Ed. and Meagan Markerson, M.Ed Teachers/Admin/IT
Q&A Part 1
12:20-12:30 Q&A Part 1 Have a question for our AXI team of experts? Join us for a live Q&A session around all things education! Teachers/Admin/IT
# Duration Session Title Description Teachers/Admin/IT
1 30mins Teacher Tips for the Microsoft Classroom While Google Classroom is the most widely used lesson management system in Louisiana, some classrooms are creating engaging lessons with Microsoft Teams. In this session, explore teacher tips for facilitating effective, engaging lessons with Microsoft Apps like Teams, OneNote, and FlipGrid. Teachers/Admin/IT
2 30mins Distance Learning: Behind the Scenes Teaching in a virtual space has become the norm for many classroom teachers. In this session, we will go behind the scenes of preparing for synchronous and asynchronous instruction and share tips our PD team have learned while on this journey with distance learning. Teachers/Admin/IT
3 30mins Getting To Know Your Promethean ActivPanel This school year, our front of classroom hardware has become increasingly important to teaching students in the physical classroom or through remote learning. In this session, we will get you acquainted with your Promethean ActivPanel so you can start using your technology to its fullest potential pronto! Teachers/Admin/IT
4 30mins Save Time and Effort with Promethean’s new Panel Management for ActivPanel Element Series Do you have any Element Series ActivPanels in your school or district? If so, you definitely want to join us to learn about Promethean’s new Panel Management and how to get your organization setup to help centrally and remotely manage your ActivPanels. Admin/IT
5 30mins Top Tech Issues As teachers are getting back to school and using their technology, it’s important that they feel supported now more than ever. In this session, we will explore the TOP 5 tech support tips for teachers and an additional TOP 5 tech support tricks for Admin and IT. Teachers/Admin/IT
Q&A Part 2
3:00-3:30 Q&A Part 2 Have a question for our AXI team of experts? Join us for a live Q&A session around all things education! Teachers/Admin/IT