Portable STEM Lab

A STEM Lab That Can Go Anywhere

The Labdisc portable lab opens the door to inquiry-based learning in a variety of science fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and geography. With our STEM science lab, take the science classroom anywhere. Labdisc helps students connect and engage with science from wherever they are.

Play Video about student doing a science experiment in a lab with labdisc
  • Covers every science domain – with up to 15 built-in sensors
  • Fits in the palm of a student’s hand.
  • Up to 150 hours of battery life
  • Use inside or outside the classroom.
  • The ideal solution for long-term experiments such as plant growth, weather change, and pollution
  • Zero setup time
  • Automatic sensor testing, and calibration
  • Includes a library of lessons aligned to the NGSS standards