Teach The Way You Know

Essential tools

  • Clear Visuals

    Students in classroom can see the teacher clearly and the content presented on the front of the classroom portal (Promethean panel)
    Teacher Laptop

  • Clear Audio

    Teaching with mask with microphone - in class and recording

  • Quality Recording

    Live or Online
    Teacher Mic (Clear Voice)

  • Cloud Basics

  • Existing Content

  • Assessment Resources

  • My Proven Content

  • Engagement

  • Core Curriculum

  • Online Resources


360PD Professional Development - 360pd.com

  • Cloud Enhancement Tools
  • Teaching Hybrid
  • Online Engagement
  • Work Flow


illustration of classroom with teacher and students

Capture All Content

Everything on screen
In live class
In online class
Student work
Core Curriculum

  • Google

  • Zoom

  • Classflow

  • A - Z

  • Kami

  • Canvas

  • Moodle


student at home working at his computer desk

Collaboration tools

  • Share Screens

  • Online Assessments

    Promethean Classflow
    Google Forms

  • Assignements

    Google Classroom
    Google Docs

  • Work in small groups

succesful Outcomes
Classroom 2020 Package

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  • Aver Mic + Receiver

    Dual Microphone, Hands-Free - gives teacher total freedom to interact with students in a clear and natural voice.

  • LS MCX

    Can be added to any classroom audio system to enable wireless Bluetooth streaming from a teacher's mobile device or laptop to be played through the classroom speaker.

  • LS Box

  • 360PD