Have you taken your classroom online? Like, a total blended environment? I am very much pro LMS, learning management system, dating back to the days I could only dream of affording a fully functioning system such as Blackboard to today having a total blended classroom environment!  There are currently SO many LMS options out there, that you are only limited to your own wants/needs for your classroom.


I was so excited to get a call at the end of last school year from a fellow teacher wanting to test out the possibility of using Google Classroom next year!  While I am totally happy using Canvas and ClassFlow, education is not a one size fits all field, so I am thrilled to add Google Classroom to the available options for her school this year.

Google Classroom is very (and yes I mean VERY) easy to use even for those that consider themselves “techie challenged.”  It allows you to easily manage student work, as well as your teaching resources, while using your favorite Google resources such as docs, sheets, forms, and drive.  PLUS once your school or district IT completes the first steps, you and your students have gmail accounts with your school domain! Yes, you could have _______@yourschoolname.com for every teacher and student:)  Did you know you can even connect the Google accounts with an existing LMS such as Canvas and use the same log in information.

This is just an overview, but I do want to give you a glimpse at how easy it is to create your first class.  The first three steps are completed by your school or district IT.  Don’t have one?  Talk with your principal and get permission to do it yourself. I promise it isn’t hard, and if there is something you don’t understand…a Google rep will walk you through the steps.

1.  Create Google Apps for Education Account
2.  Enable Google Classroom
3.  Add Users
4.  Sign in with School Google Account
5.  Click “+” sign (top right)
a) create class
b) type your class name
c) click “create”

BAM…You have a Google Classroom!

There are tons of resources and tutorials available!  Do you need someone to walk your parish through the process?  We are just a phone call away:)

Have you already jumped on the Google Classroom train?  What is your favorite integration of GC for your class?