In their mission to acquire new or update their existing technology in the classroom, many schools and districts across the US are facing significant budgetary obstacles and constrains. We understand that with limited finances this mission can seem like mission impossible at times. This is why AXI has partnered with Government Capital to make this possible – so that you can transform all your classrooms at once with the budget that works for you.

Transformational Change Requires Bold Moves

Benefits of Government Capital

  • Equity – lmmediate benefits for every child
  • Empower – Every teacher with the same PO and curriculum
  • Flexible – Spread over up to 5 budget years
  • Turnkey – Bundling of equipment, installation, and PD
  • Trade in your old interactive classroom equipment for a brand new ActivPanel in every classroom in your school.
  • No approval required from Louisiana state Bond Commission
  • Up to 100% financing”

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Government Capital’s experience in public finance has assisted and continues to assist hundreds of public educational institutions across the US to overcome budgetary obstacles with financing solutions even “when it didn’t seem possible.”

*The example below provides a budgetary financing model for a 5-year term with the first annual payment due up to one year.

School Upgrade Anual Budget Estimate*
30 classroom $19,500/year
20 classroom $15,000/year
10 classroom $7,000/year

*This information is intended for budgetary purposes only and it can vary depending on your needs.