Temperature Screening Tablet

Quickly screens passing students and staff body temperature with visual and audio alerts for abnormal body temperature allowing staff to be selective with more in depth screening.

Time, Attendance and Contact Tracing Made Easy

Safe – No Contact Accurate +/-0.6° Fast – 300ms per person Range – Up To 5ft Whole Face Thermal Imaging Walking Pace – no need to stop

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Simply walking in front of the Epicus-TS kiosk generates an instant color-coded accurate temperature reading (± 0.6 ºF) on the screen.   Green for Normal or Red with an audio alert for abnormally high temperature. FAQ
temperature scanner mounting options
temperature scanner with optional mask recognition


The built-in industrial thermal imaging array scans for abnormal temperatures with an audible and visual cue to alert staff to conduct medical screening protocols according to state or district guidelines. 

Create a more comfortable, safer environment for staff, customers, students and visitors.

Eliminate awkward moments such as: pointing a manual thermometer at foreheads, asking people to wear masks, or waiting in line for a temperature check.


Automatically identify and log each student and staff member while in motion.

Like your smartphone, the Epicus tablet kiosk software uses artificial intelligence (AI) with a powerful NPU (neural processor unit) and front facing wide binocular camera to process each face in 300ms to create or update a unique record for each person, with or without a face mask.

Handsfree Plug and Play Temperature Scanning***

The thermographic imaging application pre-screens and records whole face temperatures before individuals enter high density areas. 

Easy attendance and contact reports at the local and district level.

Stored attendance, photo, temperature and contact reports are accessible directly from the tablet as needed, or setup advanced features using the Epicus AI tablet management console over the LAN. 


Indoor/Outdoor, Schools entrances, cafeterias, buses, gym, car line, school office, district office, teacher lounge, resource centers.



State Contract discounts for government, hospitals, detention facilities, schools and institutions. Custom quotes for volume orders and essential businesses.


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One Year Advance Replacement with optional next business day and accidental damage coverage.

Tech Specs

Plug and Play (No Set Up Required) 9” tablet 120x90 (10800 thermal px panel array) high frame rate thermal imaging sensors for a larger detection area Ultra wide dynamic binocular camera Network (RJ45) or standalone. Optional face recognition access control integration Secure, no personal identifiable data Windows management

Thermal Disclaimer

Epicus-TS facial thermal recognition function is not a medical application. The FDA has provided guidance that allows the use of industrial and non medical temperature sensing devices (devices meeting IEC 80601-2-56:2017 or an alternative performance standard) to screen in high density, non-medical environments, such as a building, factory ,airport or school. Thermal sensing alerts via telethermographic device can neither diagnose or rule out COVID-19 and the finding of fever must be confirmed with either an FDA-approved noncontact infrared thermometer or clinical-grade contact thermometer. This device is not for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease including Covid-19.