Student Symptom Monitoring
Temperature Screening Tablet

Technical Specifications

1 Product Overview

1.1 Introduction

This high-end face recognition body temperature screening terminal uses professional infrared modules and face recognition algorithms, with strong face recognition performance, fast recognition speed, long distance, high temperature measurement accuracy, non-contact, Supports the advantages of wearing mask recognition, supports 1: 1 and 1: N face comparison and search, supports reminders without wearing masks and reminders of abnormal body temperature, supports ID card readers, fingerprint readers, IC card readers, QR code readers The expansion of various peripheral devices such as card readers, gate heads, and door magnets.It can truly realize efficient and fully automatic non-inductive recognition, temperature screening and passage in crowded places, and can be widely used in office buildings, communities, schools, factories, subways, exhibitions, etc. related scenarios.

1.2 Application Scenario

Symptom checking is an essential requirement to reopen schools. Sounds simple: Assess students on arrival and throughout the day, including conducting an initial temperature check.

It’s a simple but logistically daunting task. Traditional non-contact thermometers require at least one staff member to conduct one by one checks where the subject must remain still for a few seconds. Those seconds add up plus there is the time to move to the next child. In most cases it will take two or more more staff members for this purpose in addition to bus, car line, cafeteria and hall duties.

Should one child register an abnormal temp, protocol calls for the student to be moved to a different area and checked again in 5-10 minutes.

TempScan Kiosks are FDA acceptable self contained automatic entry monitoring systems which quickly and accurately scan the whole face temperatures of students filing by at a walking pace (300 milliseconds).

A visual cue flashes green, or red with an audio alert if the student’s body temperature is above the CDC guidelines. The audio alerts staff to move the student for the recheck protocol with a medical thermometer without stopping student scanning. In addition the system secure y stores a student photo and temperature data locally on the device or on your s cure network, not in a cloud.

Weather resistant, the Kiosk unit can be mobile for the car line in the morning, then moved to a hallway or cafeteria entrance for unobtrusive scanning throughout the day. An adjustable versatile mount allows for wall, doorway, desk, cart, or even bus installation.

1.3 Multi-mode selection

Mode 1: Infrared temperature measurement + face recognition permission verification

Enter personnel information in the management platform – (access control point) body temperature detection – face recognition to verify identity –  judge access control authority.

If the face recognition authentication fails, the temperature can still be measured, but there is no access control; the management platform records the temperature and access control data corresponding to the personnel.

It is suitable for the entry and exit of designated personnel , such as factories, schools, office buildings, residential areas, etc., Satisfy the internal personnel face recognition requirements for entry ban and body temperature detection.

Mode 2: Fast infrared temperature measurement mode

No need to enter personnel information in the management platform, Infrared body temperature detection can be performed on any person when power is on, no access control is required.

It is suitable for public places such as shopping malls, subways, railway stations, scenic spots, and other non-designated personnel without access control rights.

Mode 3: Mask reminder mode

In mode one and two, click on the “mask detection attribute” in the management platform, you can realize the voice reminder for the person without the mask, without affecting the temperature measurement and face recognition.

2 Product Overview

2.1 Accurate body temperature screening capabilities

This face recognition terminal integrates infrared focal plane thermal imaging temperature screening module, supports 1.6ft -5ft long-distance temperature screening, 0.9F error, recognition speed is less than 300MS, real-time temperature display. Alarm immediately when body temperature is abnormal.

2.2 Strong face recognition performance

This face recognition terminal is built with face recognition algorithm, with high accuracy and fast speed. It also supports accurate recognition in the case of side faces, semi-occlusion, and blur, especially in epidemic situations. It can detect whether to wear a mask first, send out a voice reminder for not wearing a mask, and then perform temperature detection and face recognition for the person who has
worn a mask.

The relevant parameters are as follows:

  • Face recognition:
    Face recognition accuracy: 99.99% (1: 1, FRR 1%)
  • Living body detection accuracy: 0.01% (false recognition rate)
  • Living detection distance: 1.5ft – 6ft
  • Recognition speed: <300ms (20000 face database)
  • Intelligent recognition: support 1:1 face comparison, support 1: N face search
  • Mask recognition:
    Face recognition rate:> 92% (20000 human database)
  • Body temperature screening distance: 1.3ft ~ 5ft (recommended within 4ft)
  • Reminder: Without mask reminder, abnormal temperature reminder

2.3 Maximum 50000 face database

Based on the 20000 face database, the recognition speed of this face recognition terminal is less than 300 MS, and supports expansion to 50000 face database, which fully meets the needs of face recognition passage scenarios.

2.4 120DB ultra wide dynamic

This face recognition terminal adopts 2 million pixels living body recognition binocular camera, built-in fill light, 120DB ultra-wide dynamic, no fear of backlight and dark light environment.

2.5 Online / offline mode can be switched

The device terminal supports both online and offline modes, and the device administrator can switch the identification mode according to the actual situation. In offline mode, face recognition can be achieved without internet connection.

2.6 Support multiple peripheral expansion

Support various peripheral expansion such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader, QR code reader, gate, door sensor, etc.

2.7 Built-in high-performance ISP

The built-in high-performance ISP can restore the scene details under different optical conditions and ensure the image quality.

2.8 Rich interface, worry-free installation

It has a full specification tail wire to meet the needs of most scenarios. It has a relay to control the door opening, including power supply, USB, RJ45, lock control and RS232 / UART (multiple interfaces, optional)

2.9 Exquisite appearance, three bases are optional

7-inch aluminum alloy shell, exquisite atmosphere, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, provides three types of bases, wall-mounted, upright and desktop, and the device supports an adjustable angle of 60 degrees to meet the installation needs of different scenarios.

2.10 Network background management system

Equipped with a powerful network management system Ezface, real-time recording body temperature, whether to wear a mask and identification time and other information, built-in real-time monitoring, personnel management, equipment management, attendance management, data statistics and access rules and other functional modules to help managers quickly master data for unified remote management.

3 Product Overview

3.1 Technical parameters

Basic parameters
High-performance AI SoC (4-core A7 + NPU + DSP)
Identification requirements
Recognition height
4ft~7ft,adjustable angle
Recognition distance
Face angle
30 degrees left and right, 30 degrees up and down
Infrared thermal imaging module
Temperature measurement accuracy
Temperature measurement speed
Temperature measurement distance
1.6ft~5ft(4ft best)
Temperature measurement range
Total pixels
Abnormal body temperature alarm
Face recognition
Face recognition accuracy
99.99%(1:1,FRR 1%)
Living body detection
Recognition speed
<300ms(20000 face library)
Face Library
default 20000, maximum 50000
1: 1 face comparison
1: N face search
Recognition distance
7 inch LCD screen
2 million pixels
120DB wide dynamic binocular camera
Fill light
built-in fill light, no fear of backlight, dark light environment
Power supply
DC 12V
1 RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port
1 USB 2.0 interface
Lock control
1 channel lock control signal
1 interface, optional RS232 / UART
Mask recognition
No mask reminder
ISP image processing
no need to cooperate to stand still and close
UI interface settings
Remote device upgrade
Deployment method
LAN use
Electrical parameters
DC 12V
Electric current

3.1 Other parameters

Style Host weight Accessories weight Product weight Total weight
(including packaging
and bracket)
Column bracket: 0.5lb
Wall bracket: 0.3lb
Desktop stand: 0.5lb
Other parameters
Single package size
Outer box size
Packing situation
6 sets/box ; total weight 23lb

4.1 Product size chart

3.1 Technical parameters