EPICUS-DC Document Cameras FAQ


  1. Check and see if the device is connected to the computer.
  2. Use a different data cable to see if the cable is damaged.
  3. Try a different computer to check if the ports are good.
Please click the Focus and Exposure at the right corner, and cancel the automatic focus and exposure. See the picture below.
The software download options are as follow:
  1. Download from the CD came with the device.
  2. Go to axiedu.com/epicus-dc/ Please download the respective software according to the computer systems.

V500S Document Camera

Yes, it has instant connection to iMac or Chromebook through a USB cable. And you can go here axiedu.com/epicus-dc/ to download the respective software.
It doesn’t have a built-in microphone. It uses the microphone in your computer.

Picture format: png, jpeg, tiff, bmp

Video format: mp4, flv, avi, mov

It can be adjusted to capture the size of A3, that is, 6.5” x 12.4” or 297mm×420mm.

Yes, our device is compatible with all the leading communication apps, such as Zoom, Skype and GoToMeeting, etc.

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