ClassFlow & ClassFlow Desktop

ClassFlow 6.0 will be released to the US on August 18, 2017.

ClassFlow Key Enhancements:

  • Redesigned Homepage offers easy access to key features, top lessons, and useful tools.
  • New Active Class replaces “Adhoc Class” and provides an always-connected class allowing students to join at any time and lets teachers switch between existing classes for on-the-fly lesson delivery.
  • Redesigned Assessment Builder makes it easy to create, preview, and deliver quizzes while using legacy features such as importing questions, creating passages, and adding question feedback.
  • Redesigned Presenter and Instant Whiteboard can be viewed in full-screen with the updated toolbar and card carousel placed at the bottom of the screen.
  • New Interactive Poll Results Viewer offers a new results card where the teacher can see the responses in real-time, start a new poll, and create a mind map with responses.
  • New Class Activity Feed is the main hub for teachers to share classroom materials and announcements with students and parents.
  • Marketplace Updates include increasing the number of resources to over 4.3 million resources.

ClassFlow Desktop Key Enhancements:

  • Assessment Builder has been introduced and is consistent with the new experience in ClassFlow 6.0. Teachers can now create and save assessments even when offline.
  • Instant Whiteboard functionality has changed so that teachers can now open, edit, and save a Lesson (.cfl) directly from the Instant Whiteboard.
  • Redesign of Lesson and Activity Builders to be consistent with the experience in ClassFlow 6.0.
  • New Interactive Poll Results Viewer offering consistency with ClassFlow 6.0.

In addition, ClassFlow Moments enhancements will be deployed on August 25th.

App Enhancements for Parents

Parents can view the Activity Feed for each of their children’s classes.
Parents can comment on posts sent directly from the teacher to the parent and chat one-on-one.

App Enhancements for Teachers

Teachers can login to view their Class Feed as well as create and send posts to students and parents. They can also invite parents to register to their class.
Teachers can award badges to students.

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