Education Audio

Classroom audio offers many advantages to the common challenges in the modern classroom setting. Teachers work with small groups of students, they move around the classrooms, and students are more involved in presenting to the whole class than ever before. Add virtual learning challenges to this, with background noise, poor connections, etc. then the need to use the right audio systems becomes paramount.

With an audio system, students can hear (and understand) their teacher regardless of where they are in the classroom, but also the lessons can be recorded to be viewed in a virtual learning setting at a later point.

AXI offers tested and secure classroom audio solutions that integrate completely with your existing classroom technology. Get in touch with our teaching and learning consultants for a demo, custom quote, or a consultation to explore what works best for you.

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Sound systems help level the playing field, allowing every child the opportunity to clearly hear the spoken instruction.

Dr. Carol Flexer,
Audiologist, University of Akron