Document Cameras with Promethean's ACtivPanel

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Have an older document camera? No worries!

You can still use your older equipment with your new ActivPanel by either connecting the document camera by VGA to the ActivPanel directly or using the document camera through your teacher computer as you have been previously doing.  Some of the older document cameras require a driver or specific software, so using it through your teacher computer may be required.

Plug & Play Document Camera

Most of the newer document cameras are “plug and play” which means you can simply plug the USB cable directly into the ActivPanel.
This frees up your teacher computer as well as works seamlessly with the ActivPanel using the Camera app in the locker from the Unified Menu.

Helpful Tip!

Whether you connect your document camera directly to the ActivPanel or route through your teacher computer, you can still use all of the great features such as Capture or Annotate from the panel’s Unified Menu as this floats on top of all sources and apps.