Course Library

We are thrilled to have you as a member of our pilot program as we begin our journey into online learning!  As you might already know, online learning provides teachers with the flexibility of learning when it is convenient for their schedule. An online learning program or a blended learning environment also provides teachers with the ability to review course materials as often as needed to ensure mastery and thorough understanding of a concept.

At AXI, we believe that online learning should also be approachable, interactive, and engaging!  That is why we have created AXI PD Online.  We hope that you laugh and enjoy your time in professional development just as if you had pulled up a seat in one of our face-to-face PD sessions!  At the same time, we hope that you walk away feeling empowered to incorporate technology into your instruction to create meaningful, exciting learning opportunities for your students each and every day!


Take the first steps on AXI PD Online

If you did not receive an email with your AXIPD Online login info, please go here and request access. Once you have your username and password, visit Upon logging in, you are welcome to customize your account by adding a profile picture or adding additional contact information.  If you visit our course library, you will notice that our material is divided into a series of learning paths.  Within each learning path is a sequence of courses, and inside of each course, you will find a diverse mixture of modules and materials.


Sample Learning Path: ActivPanel Orientation

This learning path includes videos, PDFs, quiz reviews, and ample opportunities for feedback and discussion. As you get started with your new ActivPanel, we hope that this opportunity for anytime, anywhere learning encourages you and your students to utilize your ActivPanel more fully.

As you have questions, please use the discussion forums to chat with your instructors so that they can answer questions or clarify misconceptions.  Finally, please provide honest feedback that will help us improve the platform going forward.

We are eager to hear your thoughts on how this new online PD platform has impacted your instruction.  Thanks for being a part of changing the way teaching and learning happens in so many classrooms.