AXI-Plus White Glove ActivBoard Projector Service

Projectors, remotes, pens, parts
Certified Installation of replacement projector

Includes projector adapter plate and fasteners for most older Promethean systems.

One Year Service On-Site Labor Satisfaction Guarantee
Five Year Manufacturer Warranty
42 Point ActivBoard Service Maintenance
  • Test Promethean system to “Teach Ready” Promethean specifications.
  • Update ActivBoard firmware
  • Clean and test Activboard.
  • Test USB and VGA cables, pen, power brick, PSU and speakers. *replacement parts are not included.
  • Update teacher PC with current ActivDriver and Promethean Education Software.
  • “Tangle Free” Safety Cable Sleeve. Highly visible for safety. Eliminates the “rat nest” as it protects and binds cables into a single neat cable whip without sticky tape.

  • ActivBoard Orientation
    • ActivBoard First Steps Course
    • Engagement with Your Existing Content
    • Instructing With ActivConnect G Course
  • ActivInspire Foundations
    • An ActivInspire Overview
    • ActivInspire and Your Existing Lesson Materials
    • I Didn’t Know ActivInspire Could Do That!
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