AXI-Plus White Glove ActivBoard Projector Service

Certified Installation of replacement projector Includes projector adapter plate and fasteners for most older Promethean systems. One Year Service On-Site Labor Satisfaction Guarantee Five Year Manufacturer Warranty 42 Point ActivBoard Service Maintenance Test Promethean system to “Teach Ready” Promethean specifications. Update ActivBoard firmware Clean and test Activboard. Test USB and VGA cables, pen, power brick, [...]

STEM Sample Classroom

[ult_hotspot main_img="id^13645|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^STEM-classroom-2019|description^null"][ult_hotspot_items icon="Defaults-search" icon_size="32" icon_color="#ffffff" icon_style="circle" tooltip_custom_color="#383838" tooltip_custom_bg_color="#ffffff" tooltip_align="center" tooltip_continuous_animation="glow" glow_color="#ffffff" hotspot_position="12.613146551724139,23.856341704288937" tooltip_custom_border_size="border-style:solid;|border-width:1px;border-radius:15px;|border-color:#bababa;"] ActivPanel by Promethean Click HERE for STEM Sample Task Card Click HERE to learn more about The new ActivPanel Element Series TITANIUM and NICKEL [/ult_hotspot_items][ult_hotspot_items icon="Defaults-search" icon_size="32" icon_color="#ffffff" tooltip_continuous_animation="glow" hotspot_position="7.1951219512195115,15.679233991621782"] All In One Classroom Audio Audio Enhancement BEAM BEAM is an all-encompassing [...]

Replacement Ceiling Mount Projector

For a projector to excel in an educational environment, quick and intuitive connectivity to a wide range of devices is pivotal. Designed with classrooms and lecture halls in mind, the DW886 features 3 HDMI ports to provide educators with the flexibility they require to stream media from any source they have on hand.

Short Throw Projector WXGA

Top replacement projector
Replaces 90% of Promethean projectors.

High performance, high brightness and Full 3D capability – offers outstanding digital image, versatility and value.

ActivPanel vs projectors

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PD Feedback Form

axi at a conferenceThank you so much for taking a moment of your time to complete this evaluation. We believe that feedback is the only way to continue our own professional development and to meet the needs of our teachers and students. We look forward to working with you as you continue to be Inspired by Promethean and [...]

Back to School 2018-19

back to school kids

We can’t believe that school is just around the corner. We know that teachers have busy summers so we’ve also been working very hard making sure your classrooms are ready and set for success! Check out our list of TOP Five Hottest Back to School…

Promethean: ActivInspire Pro


Teaching Your Way using Promethean Education Software Suite Real teachers walk you through various interactive activities and formative assessments techniques that allow teachers to teach the way that they want, using the resources that they believe best fit the needs of their students, and much more…