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Epicus-TS Temperature Screening Tablet – Mounting Options

Epicus-TS temperature Scanner Mounting Options **included with purchase​ Desktop Stand Rotate, tilt Height adjustable (3in) **Traditional Pipe Mount   For pedestal, countertop or cart   Wall Mount Rotate 45° Tilt Mobile AV Cart Mount the included pipe Mount (30mm diameter) Tilt up or down Four casters (2 Locking), Locking AV cabinet, 12 ft power cord and three […]


Student Symptom Monitoring Temperature Screening Tablet Technical Specifications 1 Product Overview 1.1 Introduction This high-end face recognition body temperature screening terminal uses professional infrared modules and face recognition algorithms, with strong face recognition performance, fast recognition speed, long distance, high temperature measurement accuracy, non-contact, Supports the advantages of wearing mask recognition, supports 1: 1 and […]

TempScan FAQ

Accurate, fast, and automatic student symptom monitoring – Scan and screens passing students and staff body temperature with visual and audio alerts for abnormal body temperature, allowing staff to be selective with more in depth screening.

Promethean Panel Management

Promethean Panel Management Promethean Panel Management saves time, money, and effort for school technology administrators by providing them with the ability to centrally and remotely manage all ActivPanel Elements series interactive displays within their organization. Administrators can ensure that ActivPanel Elements series panels are secure, and teachers have access to the latest Promethean firmware, software, […]

Cleaning Your Promethean ActivPanels

Cleaning Your Promethean ActivPanels The following is a procedure to be used in those circumstances where a deep cleaning of the ActivPanel cover glass is required: Switch off your ActivPanel and disconnect the power cable Lightly apply 90% ethanol to 100% cotton microfiber cloth (recommended to spray onto the microfiber cloth). Do not apply liquids […]

Experience the Elements of ActivPanel

Save 50% On Your First Promethean ActivPanel Elements Series Display Experience the new Elements Series by getting your first ActivPanel at 50% off*. *Limited to one per district (Louisiana and Mississippi only) Request Your Quote End User Terms and Conditions: The 2019-2020 Experience the Elements Promotion (the “Offer”) applies to qualifying orders received July 8, […]


AXI MECA 2020 Register for our PD sessions, visit our booth, and get a chance to win a Promethean ActivPanel 86" - TITANIUM And much more... With our scratch off cards everyone wins. AXI MECA 2020 Register for our PD sessions, visit our booth, and get a chance to win a Promethean ActivPanel 86" - [...]