The Industry’s Most Elegant Writing Experience

ActivPanel’s InGlass™ Technology sets a new standard for interactive touch and writing experiences.

 Precise Multi-Touch Interaction

Precise Multi-Touch Interaction

Highly accurate sensors detect object size enabling you to use an extremely fine pen tip for detailed writing and drawing.

A Natural Writing Experience

A Natural Writing Experience

Enjoy a naturally smooth writing experience with high-speed tracking, including no script-lag or response delays.

Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Tools

Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Tools

ClassFlow Desktop software combined with InGlass Technology makes interacting easy. Use the instant whiteboard for free-form writing, including converting writing and equations to text, and enabling palm erase.

Free ActivInspire Professional Software Support and Upgrades.

All Promethean ActivPanels come with a free perpetual classroom license ($799 value) for ActivInspire Professional, the most popular curriculum and assessment software in the world.  All other non-Promethean interactive hardware require the purchase of a classroom license to use ActivInspire lessons and assessments in the classroom.

The Powerfully Intelligent, Connected Hub of the Classroom

The all-new Promethean ActivPanel is a tablet-like surface for the front of the classroom. Powered by Promethean’s ActivConnect Android processor, it enhances the teaching and learning experience providing instant access to educational apps, wireless connectivity, mobile device mirroring and more.

The Power of Apps

Access the vast, ever-expanding world of over 500,000 educational apps. Easily download your favorite apps directly from your home screen.

The Power of Connectivity

Mirror mobile devices to the ActivPanel to share content. Additionally, you can create, save, and share digital notes with the entire class.

The Power of Extension

Connect Bluetooth devices such as musical keyboards, digital lab sensors, and droids/robots to the ActivPanel in support of STEM/STEAM Education.

The Power of Usability

Access your apps with ease, switch between applications, or customize the home page. ActivPanel’s user interface is designed to make learning fun and engaging.

ActivPanel and ActivConnect G:


ActivConnect G-Series is an external, upgradeable Android™ powered processor that gives the ActivPanel tablet-like capabilities. Harness the power of teaching and learning apps to complement your interactive lessons.

A Tablet-Like Experience On Your ActivPanel

The ActivConnect G-Series combined with the Promethean ActivPanel allows you to access instructional apps instantly. Pull up an instant whiteboard to write or draw, use the web browser to search for information or deliver a ClassFlow lesson. Expand your learning resources by downloading other apps, games and content from any Android App Store to use on the ActivPanel.

ActivPanel Models

AP75 v4

Activpanel 70 v1

The NEW ActivPanel 75”

Download Spec Sheet

  • Four Touch Inputs
  • ActivConnect G Wireless
  • Android Tablet Experience
  • Use Android Education Apps
  • Walk Up and Use
  • 5 Year On-Site Service

The ActivPanel Touch Display Advantage

  • High Definition 1080p LED
  • Google, Bluetooth, Wireless; No PC Necessary
  • Rated 50,000 Hours – Up to 25 Years
  • Outlasts Up to 10 Projectors and 20 Lamps
  • FREE ActivInspire Professional Software
  • 5 Year Warranty

AP70/80 v4.5

The ActivPanel 70” – Best Seller

The award-winning Promethean ActivPanel creates a captivating, “tablet-like” experience in the front of the modern classroom. Powered by a revolutionary, upgradable Android™ processor , it transforms the traditional projection display into an “intelligent hub” that unleashes the power of teacher and student connectivity.


The ActivPanel 84”


Light up the room and students’ imaginations with this LED display. Wide viewing angle makes every seat in the house a great one.


Available in a fixed wall mount or on a mobile stand to ensure the right fit for your classroom.


Functionality similar to that of today’s mobile devices with swipe, pinch, and zoom interaction reduces the technology learning curve for learners and teachers.


Offers maximum flexibility for the classroom with stylus or touch functionality for exceptionally smooth, responsive and precise interactivity.


Durable interactive touch screen with 50,000 hours of expected life ensures years of captivating learning experiences.

ActivPanel 84” Comes With:

  • Promethean’s smooth ActivGlideTM 4mm acid etched, anti-glare and anti-reflective, toughened glass surface
  • Plug and play up to 10-touch points
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chromebook OS
  • An array of input ports including HDMI, USB 3.0 and open pluggable specification (OPS)
  • Quick access to presentation function hotkeys to freeze the screen or select a blank screen to support classroom management and presentation efficiency
  • A licensed copy of ActivInspire

Installation Options – Stands

Select from a fixed wall mount, adjustable wall mount, adjustable mobile stand, or non-adjustable mobile stand.

See more in the ActivPanel Buying Guide

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  3. Classflow Connect {catalog sheet for download }
  4. NovoPro {catalog sheet for download }

System Overview

The ActivPanel Touch is compatible with VESA mounting systems. The installation of this product should be completed by a Promethean Certified Installer. Use of components not supplied by Promethean or not meeting minimum specifications may impact performance and affect warranty. Contact your Promethean partner or visit for more information.

ActivPanel Certified Installation:

School building missions are likely to change over the 10 to 17 years expected life cycle of these products.  An elementary school might become a high school or vice versa.  Thus, the ActivPanel touch displays must always be installed by certified Promethean technicians with long term safety and use in mind.

The AXI Professional Services team has installed thousands of interactive touch displays and are trained to recognize a wide variety of school architectures with different wall structures. Every wall is different, even in the same school building, requiring different installation methods and fastener types to safely mount the display for years of classroom use.  In addition, AXI technicians are careful to avoid potential technical issues ranging from electrical or magnetic interference to other safety hazards.

Promethean ActivPanel includes heavy duty wall mounts for safely mounting the ActivPanel in most schools with a solid wall architecture.

  • The wall mount design eliminates the left or right sliding of the display as prevalent in most wall mounts preventing a child from inadvertently sliding the unit off the wall.
  • The slot depth makes it harder to inadvertently or carelessly move a panel off the wall mount.  The entire 150 to 300 lb panel assembly must be unlocked and lifted by more than one technician to safely clear the wall rails so that it can be removed from the wall.


Classroom touch displays can weigh up to 300 lbs and is not user installable.  Two or more Promethean trained technicians are required for the installation of ActivPanels.  Not all walls and fasteners are suitable to mount this product.  Improper installation of this product may result in damage, serious injury or even death.

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Mission Critical Warranty and Service.

  • AXI Certified Installation Plus – Five Years On-Site Service

AXI extends the Promethean’s standard ActivPanel warranty from three years to five years on-site service for most ActivPanels at no additional charge with AXI Certified Installation Plus services.  Our customers are serviced by our local certified technicians trained per the manufacturer’s requirements, not a journeyman repair contractor. AXI Technical Support coordinates directly with Promethean’s Customer Support to assist customers to initiate the on-site service process to get your classroom up and running as soon as possible.

  • No Hassle Replacements. AXI also provides replacements for failures within the first 30 days of installation from our extensive inventory (subject to availability).  We take care of the warranty process.

Free ActivInspire Professional Software Support and Upgrades.

All Promethean ActivPanels come with a free perpetual classroom license ($799 value) for ActivInspire Professional, the most popular curriculum and assessment software in the world.  All other non-Promethean interactive hardware require the purchase of a classroom license to use ActivInspire lessons and assessments in the classroom.

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