AXI’s Sole Purpose is Education.

Technology is just a tool. Teaching is the art.

Educational technology

Education should reflect the way that students learn in the real world. Our students are natural networkers—playing games and swapping stories between classes and sharing their lives over social media at home. AXI encourages the same kind of interactive collaboration and game-based learning to create lifelong learners with flexible skills for the modern economy.  A one percent increase in student engagement can result in as much as a 6 percent improvement in outcomes.

Professional Development

More than 16,000 educators have attended AXI Professional Development. Our Teaching and Learning Consultants are experienced educators whose mission is to transform teaching and learning at the classroom level with those everyday teachers that teach 80% of our students. We partner with our districts to make incremental changes through the use of research-based best practices backed by our own experiences in the classroom to help teachers give their students the best interactive learning experience.

AXI Education Solutions is an education organization, not a technology company.

You might be asking yourself – Why technology?

Technology is one of the easiest ways to level the playing field for ALL students by reaching multiple levels of learning while meeting individual learning styles and student needs.

We build 21st Century Learning environments by seamlessly integrating interactive classroom technology with curriculum, instruction and professional development models to support college and career readiness for every child regardless of social or economic background.

In the past nine years, AXI Education Solutions became one of the largest providers of interactive technology and professional development by supporting over 28,000 classrooms in Louisiana and Mississippi. We recognize that professional development is a process, not and event. Since 2008, AXI Teaching and Learning Consultants have delivered research-based professional development to over 16,000 teachers.

In collaboration with our leading edge districts, the Center for College and Career Readiness, the Common Core Institute and Promethean, AXI developed a nationally recognized professional development track for principals and administrators to accurately assess teachers in their use of interactive technology.

With an international reputation, AXI has trained hundreds of principals in Louisiana and Mississippi alone. Additionally, over 1,000 teacher leaders have been trained and certified by AXI Teaching and Learning Consultants to redeliver and model best practices for the integration of interactive technology and formative assessment for their districts.

AXI Education Solutions Continues to use a holistic approach focused on facilitating real incremental change in implementing best practices in the classroom by integrating interactive education technology into the curriculum.

Improve Teaching and Learning

AXI’s Passion for helping improve teaching and learning has earned multiple awards and recognition include the following:

  • 2016 Named Promethean Certified Platinum Level Partner
  • 2015 Named Promethean Certified Gold Level Partner
  • 2015 First ClassFlow Partner – North America and Caribbean
  • 2014 Common Core Black Belt Certification, Center for Career and College Readiness
  • 2014 LearnPad Professional Development Premier Center
  • 2013 BoxLight Premier Education Partner – Over and Beyond
  • 2011 Governor’s Technology Awards “Technology Company of the Year”
  • 2010 E Ward Growth Company of the Year by the Louisiana Technology Council
  • 2009 Promethean’s Professional Development Center of the Year