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Google Educator Level 1 Certification Prep
  • On-Demand Access Google Classroom and Google Educator 1 Certification Preparation
  • Beginning and Seasoned Teacher Tracks
  • Live Moderated PD Webinars, and much more
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Online Learning Tips and Tricks
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Navigate Distance Learning with our instructors.

We share some of our best practices to help you find the right content and the right tools for distance learning.

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ActivInspire Professional

Known and loved by educators around the world, ActivInspire provides a vast suite of tools to create and deliver dynamic lessons.


ClassFlow is next-generation lesson delivery software with advanced collaboration tools for student engagement. Energize the classroom with interactive lessons, activities, quizzes, and millions of immersive resources from educators around the world.

myPromethean Resource Library

Lesson engagement is just a few clicks away. The myPromethean Resource Library provides ActivInspire® users with access to over 50,000 free Flipcharts that have been created by teachers, for teachers. Teachers can easily search, filter, preview, and download Flipcharts – saving valuable lesson preparation time.

Projectors, lamps, spare parts

Ultra Short Throw projector with mount WXGA

3300 Lumen Lens 0.35:1 Lamp hours Max/Eco 6000/10000Warranty 5-Year Part & Labor 5-Year Advance Replace 1-Year Lamp

Short Throw projector WXGA
Top Replacement Projector

3600 Lumen Lens 0.521 Lamp hours Max/Eco 3500/7000 Warranty 5-Year Part & Labor 5-Year Advance Replace 1-Year Lamp

Replacement Ceiling Mount Projector – VDW886

3800 Lumen Lens 0.521 Lamp hours Max/Eco 3500/7000 Warranty 5-Year Part & Labor 5-Year Advance Replace 1-Year Lamp

AXI-Plus White Glove ActivBoard Projector Service

Certified Installation of replacement projector One Year Service On-Site Labor Satisfaction Guarantee Five Year Manufacturer Warranty 42 Point ActivBoard Service Maintenance Free AXIPD.COM Professional Development for Teachers